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Dear Players,

As most of you know we have had a serious problem on the server where players were unable to login their characters. We have searched for the cause for a long time now via numerous maintenance sessions.

After all those tries to fix the issue we have failed to do so. The database is basically broken beyond repair. But there is a solution which we have been working on now for the past few days and we are going to roll this out on Sunday.

It is not the perfect Solution, but it's the only Solution we can do to keep moving forward. We are growing in population even with this issue, so having all those extra players back online again would be nice, so that we can start focusing again on new content, events and other fun things again instead of bug hunting.

So here it is:

We need to transfer everyones Characters to a new Database, right now there are 829 Characters in this current LIVE Database. Some of them are no longer in use, so it won't be that many. This transfer will be very quick because we have written a SQL Query that will 1:1 copy everything from the old character onto the new character. You can bring all your Characters, as long as they are on THIS database right now. In order to move, you will need to recreate your Character with the exact same name and Spelling on the new Database once we say so, then make a Ticket and we will execute the script which takes less than 30 seconds to copy everything over.

Now for the bad news. The following will not be copied so we don't have any issues again and/or simply can't be copied over:

* Dalant
* Gold
* PvP Points
* Banks
* Archon Spots (This means for the first week there will be no Archons only 1 Race Leader which We will set)

** Might be something else but can't think of anything right now.

What will be copied is:

* Level
* All Equipped Items
* All Inventory Items

So you have until Sunday to grab everything out of your Banks and stick it into your Characters. On Sunday we will make another post with very clear insturctions on what needs to be done, to make sure your character will transfer 100% successfully.

Thanks for always being loyal, we are doing great and growing day by day. We got a great team now and even that team is growing and we have much in store for you guys in the future. So you can look forward to some fun times.

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