Dragon Armor Artifact Guide

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Dragon Armor Artifact Guide

Fri Oct 28, 2016 3:39 pm

This is a rough guide how to get the Artifacts, I will post a better more detailed one later

1. Dragon Amulet

You get this by completing the Dragon Dungeon (Formerly know as Hora Dark Hole Dungeon). For every time you complete one everyone in your party gets 10 pieces. Get the Keys from Hora Ghost PB in Sette (25 drop on each kill)

2. Dragon Blood

You get this by Killing Elan PBs. 8 pieces drop of the main Elan PBs and 16 of each of the 3 Brothers.

3. Dragon Recipe Book

This one you get from the Gold Point Vendor in your HQ. Gold Points you get from killing Pantera monsters in Sette.

4. Dragon Weed

Get this from the Farming Store in the GameCP

5. Dragon Rune

You get this one from +3 Ore. So all you gotta do is fin CW and MINE! :-)



1x Box: 99x Dragon Amulet + 99x Dragon Blood + 99x Dragon Recipe Book + 99x Dragon Weed + 99x Dragon Rune + Dalant

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