Client Installation Guide

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Client Installation Guide

Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:41 pm

Step 1: Make your Game Account here:

Step 2: Download the client using this link -

Step 3: Unzip the client using only 7z (

Step 4: While the client is unzipping, add the RFe folder to your Anti-Virus program exception list.

Step 5: After unzipping (or installing), run the updater that is in the RFe folder.

Step 6: Run the launcher that is in the RFe folder.

Step 7: Type in your log-in information.

Step 8: Adjust any settings you wish.

Step 9: Log in and enjoy!

If you find files to be missing (including "clientmodule.dll"), run the updater in the RFe folder again. If that doesn't work, repeat from Step 1.

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