Change Log #9

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Change Log #9

Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:13 am

* Edited server rule number 8 to include Traps
* Removed Movement Speed+ Potion from the online reward box
* Removed Symbol of Novus Amulet from the online reward box
* Removed all class promotion rewards
* Reduced Melee archon armour move speed to +1 down from +2
* Reduced the chance to recieve Valuable Rune Stone from processing +3 ore
* Fixed 1 hand Relic Mace damage
* Fixed Belphegor respawn timer
* Updated the tooltip description of the 5 Donation Point item from the online reward box to inform players to vote once to enable the pots use
* Increased the drop rate of the Silver pig statue from the Naroom Crawler Captain
* Increased the drop rate of the Gold pig statue from the Kukra Vafer Captain
* Increased chip HP by 20%
* Removed an un-neccessary Ability Booster Recipe
* Returned the following Relic launchers to the game - Sealed Inferno, Inferno T1, Revanthane T2
* Increased Goliath and Catapult Defence slightly
* Reduced the Cast Delay of Cora Archer Hold skill
* Reduced DSR on certain armours

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