Server Rules

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Server Rules

Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:02 pm

1. Impersonating staff. Do not use GM in your name, do not act like a GM in game. If someone saying that he is a GM wants something from you, you should always ask the GM to show himself to you so you can confirm that he is a GM. Also, a GM will NEVER ask for your account details, so do not give them to anyone.

2. Disrespecting and disobeying staff members will not be tolerated.

3. Using any kind of third party program to gain an unfair advantage over others is considered hacking and forbidden.

4. Abusing glitches or bugs in game is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to all sorts of armor glitching, using bugged gear or items. The unique method of killing the Golden Pig is also covered by this rule.

5. Terrain glitching is not allowed, this includes but is not limited to placing turrets in inaccessible areas or inside chips for example. Any attempt in doing it will result in a punishment. Players hiding inside the HSKs feet may also be punished.

6. Any kind of helping others outside of safe zone from inside the safe zone is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to healing, debuffing and buffing.

7. If a player loses, accidently sells or in anyway misplaces an item. There will be a $15 recover fee! Logs will be checked so replacement can take up to 7 days!

8. Turrets and Traps are not allowed in port in locations. On any map, anywhere.

9. Turrets and Traps are not allowed in the core.
As a general guideline relating specifically to the use of Turrets and Traps on the Crag Mine map, the Core in this instance means the area directly around the HSK. Traps and Turrets can be used on the Spiral, the Z and the Ramp behind the Z leading all the way down to the threshold (archway) of the HSK's protection radius.
If the HSK would be able to kill you - DO NOT use Traps or Turrets in that area.

10. No nuking in the core.
As a general guideline relating specifically to the use of Nukes, anything in Crag Mine that doesn't have sky above it, is considered to be the Core. This has one exception which is the Wasted Mining area.

11. English only in public chats, this includes but might not be limited to /race , /all and /map.

12. Trading items in public chats is not allowed. Use the appropriate /sell or /buy trading chats for all of your trading.

13. Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden.

14. RMT (real money trading) is strictly forbidden. You may buy and sell items for Donate Points using our forum and the "Transfer DP" option in "Services" at your accounts. This is done entirely at the players own risk.

15. If an account has been inactive for 30 days or more the account will have all it's Farming Points and Cpt (PvP Points) removed

16. Any accounts that are inactive for 30+ days will have the characters on it SOFT DELETED, if a player decides to return to the game they can get them restored

17. Do not abuse chaos potions. Excessive killing and attacking , a person or an entire guild, will be considered chaos potions abuse and punished accordingly.

18. You are not allowed to be Archon or RL on more than one race at a time. We are able to find out very easily if accounts are linked. If this happens both Characters will be permanently deleted! Holding more than one Archon spot at a time using an Alt Character is also forbidden.

19. Do not go AFK with a macro on, AKA Flooding chat. You will be kicked, sometimes without warning. Repeat offence = ban.

20. Logging out during combat is forbidden.

21. Sharing accounts between different players is forbidden.

22. Intentionally overbuffing (or debuffing and stripping buffs using chaos pots) your own race with buffs they do not require or ask for, will be treated as griefing and punished accordingly.

23. Gaining or losing CPt in an artificial manner (read as draining) is forbidden.

Rules are subject to change at any point in time without notice. Staff reserve the right to enforce their own rules that may or may not be mentioned above, in certain situations.

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